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“I am wise enough to know that I know nothing at all.”

Zoe Spencer is a scholar/strategist/activist from Barry Farms projects in DC.  She currently teaches sociology at Virginia State University.  She is a published author and a highly sought after speaker and presenter.  Most importantly she is a freedom fighter, a seeker of truth, and unapologetic in her purpose of making a better world for humanity, no matter how small the mark.

I am a microcosm of the Universe, in real life.  I was put here to perform a task, maybe even to take this test…test my faith, test my humility, test my obedience, test my resilience, test my focus…test my willingness to simply admit that every blessing is given to carry out a divine purpose…And the closer I get to actualization, the more I realize that I am just a vessel, on loan to this Earth to see what I will do here, to tell stories, fight, love, and then leave…hopefully a legacy-a lingering spirit- that will live on-long after my body is no more.


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